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Wood Stove Accessories - Folding Firewood Cart

Firewood Cart with Sling      Firewood Cart

After a week or two of making trips to the woodpile and back, I decided that a firewood cart would really come in handy. And then it took another week or so before I could convince myself that I should spend the money.

And I'm glad I did. What a difference it makes for me! In one trip, this log cart can carry at least 4 times the amount of firewood I can carry by hand. In the photo above, I only put a few pieces of firewood in the cart, just to show how it works. But it can carry much, much more.

Description of the Cart
This particular firewood cart is made by Vertex International. The model name and number is: TK1000 Wood Cart. It's a very sturdy cart and is foldable for compact storage. I have room to store it without folding, so I do just that.

This cart comes with a black nylon sling that keeps bark and other debris in the cart - rather than on the floor. It can also be used without the nylon sling, as shown in the right-hand photo above. And there's an optional "lawn and leaf bag" that you can buy, but I haven't bothered.

This cart is supposed to carry 200 pounds of firewood. Though I haven't tested that, it carries plenty enough for me! The cart itself is about 27" wide and holds pieces of firewood that are up to 21" wide.

Using the Cart
I really like the tires on this log cart. They're 20 inches in diameter and make the cart very easy to maneuver outside as well as coming through the door.

After filling the cart, I put my foot on a metal bar that's above the axle for the wheels and pull down on the handle. This puts the cart into a rolling position that's very well balanced and takes the work out of pushing the cart. Actually, I tend to pull the cart more often than push it - just a personal preference.

Well, I suppose you can tell that I really like this firewood cart. The only minor problem I've had is with the nylon sling and that was pretty much my own fault.

Here's what happened. I tend to kind of throw the firewood onto the cart. One time, as I was loading the cart, I threw a piece of wood so its corner hit square on the sling and made a tiny tear in the material. The tear hasn't gotten any bigger with time, but I'm a little more careful now when I load the cart.

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Posted by Beth on Sunday, August 20, 2006