Bird Identification

Cornell Lab of Ornithology - How to Identify Birds
Explains how to identify birds by silhouette, field marks, posture, size, flight pattern, and habitat.

Birding - Bird ID

Provides guidance in bird identification for beginners and experts. Includes information on distinguishing hard-to-identify species. By Don and Lillian Stokes.

Bird Identification Tips for Beginners

Mecklenburg Audubon Society gives brief tips on how to identify birds. Includes recommended resources.

Bird Identification
Offers some basic pointers on identifying birds. Includes names and detailed illustrations of the different parts of a bird's body.

A Guide to Not Mis-identifying Birds
Article provides some useful tips on how to avoid mistakes in identifying birds.

Birding by Ear: Spring Tune-up
Describes different methods for learning to identify birds from their songs and calls.

Raptor Species Identification and Photo Gallery
A guide for identifying raptors using size, shape, color, location, habitat, and behavior. Includes photos and detailed facts on individual species.

North American Owl Identification Guide
Learn to identify the species of owls that breed in the United States and Canada. Includes facts about each owl's field marks, size, weight, similar species, habitat, voice, nesting, and diet.

A Waterfowl Identification Guide
USGS resource explains what to look for when identifying waterfowl and provides detailed illustrations of the markings of each species. (Scroll down to see table of contents.}

Species, Age and Sex Identification of Ducks
Using Wing Plumage

Duck ID reference from USGS explains how to distinguish one species from another. Also tells how to identify the male, female, adult, and immature of each species.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Online Bird Guide
Provides species accounts for over 500 birds, including photos, sound files, and range maps. (See Detailed Page for full species account.)

National Wildlife Federation - Birds
Fact sheets include photo, sound file, and physical description for each bird. Also covers the habitat, nesting, and range.

Aquatic Environments
Species accounts for aquatic birds. Include photos, physical traits, distribution, and ecology.

USGS Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter
Photographs, songs, identification tips, maps, and life history information for North American birds.