Cranes Migrating
Bald Eagle in Flight

Bird Migration

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Bird Migration
Explains how birds migrate, the importance of stopover sites, and the hazards of migration. Includes tips on how to help migrating birds.

Bird Migration and Navigation
Learn why birds migrate, their patterns of migration, and the mechanics of migration.

How Birds Migrate
Describes how birds navigate during migration and their flight strategies.

The Mystery of Migration
Explains why birds migrate, how they migrate, and the risks involved.

Migration - Peterson's Perspective
Briefly discusses which birds migrate, what path they take, how far they fly, and other related topics.

Migration Adaptions
Facts about what triggers bird migration, the style of flight, the time of flight (day or night), and navigation.

Timing of Bird Migration
Animated graphic shows how birds that migrate at night will time their daily exodus. Accompanied by a brief explanation.

USGS - Migration of Birds
Comprehensive resource for information about bird migration. Includes facts about the evolution of migration, stimulus for migration, when birds migrate, flight speed and altitude, navigation, influence of weather, and the routes of migration. (Scroll down for Table of Contents.)

North American Migration Flyways
Provides detailed descriptions of the four major North American flyways. Includes maps showing migration routes.

Spring and Fall Migration Timetables
Provides timetables for migrating birds in 29 eastern states. Includes name of city/town, approximate arrival date, and approximate departure date. (See selection criteria at bottom of page.)

The Importance of Migratory Stopovers
Describes how migratory birds use the food sources available at their stopover sites. And tells how human disturbance of these habitats affects the birds

The Mystery of Migration
Explains why birds migrate, how they navigate, and how they time their migration.

The Migration Game
Check your knowledge with this fun quiz about bird migration.