New England Birds of Prey

Pictures of Baby Birds

Bird Pictures

Mike Danzenbaker's Bird Photography
Offers an extensive exhibit of bird photos, primarily from North America. Also includes photos from Europe, South Georgia, Southern Chile, the Falkland Islands, New Zealand, Madagascar, and Japan.

Peter LaTourrette's Bird Photo Gallery
Large collection of photographs of North American birds.

Robert Royce's Bird Photography
This birder and amateur photographer presents images of birds from the U.S. and Manitoba.

Don DesJardin's Birds
A fine collection of bird photographs taken in California, Florida, and other locations.

Nature Photography by David Blevins
Presents a gallery of beautiful nature photos, including a collection of bird images.

Greg Lasley's Nature Photography
Bird photographs from southern Africa, Antarctica, Mexico, South America, the Galapagos Islands, Texas, and other locations around the world. Also includes some photos of mammals, snakes, dragonflies, and damselflies.

Jeff Nadler, Nature Photographer
A gallery of high-quality bird photos taken in New York State.
(Click the "Galleries" link at the top of the page for scenics and photos of other wildlife.)

Brion Small's Bird Photographs
Large gallery of bird photos by a professional photographer. Includes articles on bird photography and birding.

Bird Photographs by Douglas Herr
Photo gallery specializing in birds of western North America.

The Virtual Birder Photo & Sound Gallery
Images by Arthur Morris with bird songs by Lang Elliot.
(See left column for additional photos.)

Birds of Oklahoma
Bill Horn's photo gallery of birds found in Oklahoma. Some photos are accompanied by a brief fact sheet.

Birds in Flight by R. W. Scott
Presents photos of about 60 different birds in flight. Scott also describes his high-speed flash techniques. - Bird Photo Gallery
Images of birds from around the world.

From Wrens to Wedge-Tails
Small collection of photos of Australian birds.