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Food Storage
Dehydrating Food
  Storing Grains and Beans Excalibur Food Dehydrator
  Types of Grain to Store Dehydrating Fruit
  Storing Canned Food Dehydrating Vegetables - 1
  Freeze-dried Fruit Dehydrating Vegetables - 2
  Manual Grain Mill Making & Using Dried Foods
  Electric Grain Mill  
Wood Stove & Firewood
  Self-watering Containers Wood Burning Stove
  Growing Carrots Woodstove Accessories - 1
  Growing Cucumbers Woodstove Accessories - 2
  Growing Beets Woodstove Accessories - 3
  Growing Swiss Chard Firewood
    Firewood Cart
    Firewood Racks
Emergency Generator
  Camping Stove Emergency Generator - 1
  Book: Country Beans Emergency Generator - 2
Due to the increase in the readership of our Emergency Preparedness Blog, we've moved this blog to the front page. The other sections of the site are listed below.
Closer To Nature
United States National Parks
Canoeing & Kayaking
   Entire List of U.S.
 National Parks
 Tips and Techniques
     Sea Kayaking
     Kayak & Canoe Building
Hiking & Backpacking
Bird Watching
   Tips and Techniques  Bird Identification
   Ultralight Backpacking  Bird Migration
   Appalachian Trail  Bird Pictures
     Bird Songs & Calls
Outdoor Survival
  Wilderness Survival & Awareness Schools